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With funeral costs continuing to increase, many people are putting a pre-paid funeral plan in place. Pre-paid funeral plans allow you to pay for and set out the arrangements for your own funeral during your lifetime so that when you die your family do not need to worry about the costs or the arrangements.

Benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan:

  • Puts you in control. You can make your own arrangements.
  • Takes the pressure off your family when the time comes, both financially and emotionally.
  • As funeral costs rise in the future, a pre-paid plan fixes the costs of your funeral. For example, if your funeral costs £4000 today but you don’t die for another 10 years, by which time the cost of your funeral could be £6000, your plan is protected and your family would not need to pay the £2000 difference.
  • Once your pre-paid funeral plan is paid for, the monies are no longer in your estate and cannot be taken into account for Inheritance Tax and means-testing for care cost purposes
  • Some plans allow you to have the option of spreading the cost of your funeral over a number of years.